About Us

What we do

Little sisters of Mary Immaculate Centre for Disadvantaged Children have been helping the most Vulnerable children in northern Uganda. Northern Uganda has suffered 23 years of armed conflict where many children are left orphaned, disable, and street kids.

There are many abandoned children in the streets of northern Uganda especially Gulu.

We help children in Northern Uganda, sensitizing the communities, trauma healing, medical care for the HIV/AIDS helps them to recovery from post war conflict in north through vocational training from the war affected children especially the mothers.


Who we are

We support:-

  • Food
  • Education
  • Clothing
  • Medical Care

Where we work

We work within Uganda among few refugees from Southern Sudan and Rwanda.

Our areas of work are:

  • Skills training
  • Promoting peace and education
  • Rehabilitation of street kids
  • Support HIV affected people



  • Helping people help themselves especially the poor and the oppressed.
  • Giving hope to the voiceless.